Sri A.S. Maha Sree Rajhan has an incredible ability to get access into one’s life and can metamorphise / transform them into most successful human being. All these are possible with his divine supernatural ability, acquired from the Goddess and his fore fathers.

Being highly qualified in the field of Engineering , Philosophy, Religion and Psychology, he has also got the credit of inventing all-together new concept called Numero Prono Typhology that contributes to growth , success , peace and stability. there are innumerable cases worldwide which has been supported by A.S.MahaSreeRajhan.

Sri A.S. Maha Sree Rajhan does ordinary things in extraordinary ways so that ordinary / common people will also become extraordinarily successful people. By his own journey of life, he started as a civil engineer, slowly and gradually metamorphosed to be the World’s best Vaasthu, Numerologist & Gemologist.

With blessings of Amman and also heredity and meticulous research in ‘Numerology’, he has developed and given to the world a very new concept called ‘Prono – Typhology’, which deals with enhancing the positivity in one’s own life by correcting the way of pronunciation of one’s name.

His tremendous experience in the fields of Engineering, Political Science, Philosophy, Religion and Psychology for the past 20yrs is a fully baked, ‘Knowledge-Cake’ which he generously offers it to all the people in need, who come and meet him.

There are innumerable people, who have taken tips from his knowledge – Cake’ and benefited, by making a ” GOLD TIME in PEACEFUL LIFE “.

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Sri. A. S. MahaSree Rajhan

Phone: 0427-2001966
Mobile: 0-98427-10027 / 0-98428-10027 / 99944-59027

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# 56, Upstairs,
Near Bharathi Super Market,
Salem – 636007,
Tamil Nadu, India.